Monday, May 23, 2005

The Gospel According to Psycho-cons

Well, seems Condi has opened her mouth and further re-enforced her reputation as a psycho wackjob right-winger....well, I guess not that it was really in doubt but anyway, Greg Palast reports more appallingness from the Psychocons. This time, Condi is regretting that reports of the US abuse of prisoners at Guantanamo have got out. Oh dear, that dreadful free press....what a burden it must be to their dreams of megalomania. I wish Palast had cited where he had read this but it doesn't sound unreasonable. Also, in the same report he claims that MonkeyPrez was "angry" about the reports of the desecration of the Qu'ran. As Palast says, "not the desecration of the Koran, the reporting of it." Hmm, and if our leadership comes from the top, is it really that unreasonable to think that folks with such power in the US could have had a hand in authorizing policies that might have kept Iraqi prisoners under their thumbs to the point of personal and sexual humiliation, not to mention ghosting Iraqi prisoners and "rendering" (I think the Bushies came up with that term because it is a dreadfully antiseptic word for what is kidnapping and breaks the Geneva Conventions about 15 different ways till Tuesday) to give Bush plausible deniability? And if you claim that Condi wasn't responsible for the treatment of US prisoners, well, that is true, but our fine Secretary of Defense (against what?) also in Palast's piece, perhaps tops Monkey Boy and Condi for unwarranted pique. He says, regarding the supposed effects of Newsweek's possible mistake that "People lost their lives. People are dead." Well, yes, people losing their lives is the same as people dying. Well figured Rummy. Only I don't think this Qu'ran desecration is the only reason Iraqis might be mad at the US. Pick your reason. I guess, as Palast says, that it's people that he can't kill and perhaps he doesn't like Newsweek (supposedly) doing his job for him. If only the US were paying attention. But it's sweeps. Or summer. Or nearly Labor Day. Or there's a sale at Penneys. Or we're headin' to Vegas. Or something. There's gotta be some reason why the US ain't interested.


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