Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The Fabulous Lying Bill Clinton and more media compliance

Bill Clinton was on "The Late Show with David Letterman the other day and so one of the questions Dave asked Bubba was "Have you heard of the Downing Street Memo?" So Tubby, in full-on disassembling (hee hee) mode, replies, "What's that? I can't comment on that." Sounds to me like if you didn't know what it was, you wouldn't know not to comment on it. Ah Slick Willy, what can ya say about him. Just a duplicitous, war-crime committin', burger-lovin' ol' ex-Prez.

And then in the LA Times on that same day, one of the headlines on the front page was "Schiavo Was Beyond Saving, Autopsy Finds". OK, so far so good. However, here's the longer explanation in the sub-headline, immediately below: "A medical examiner says no treatment could have reversed the woman's persistent vegetative state in her final days, despite contrary claims." The responsibility for those contrary claims is unattributed. By allowing that "contrary claims" were made while not attributing these "contrary claims" to anyone, the Right gets off the hook again. he wild claims of conservative television and commentators, not to mention pols, about this private issue about which legislation already had managed, still cried foul over the supposed inhumanity of the courts and Michael Schiavo (who was actually very considerate, caring for her and managing her affaris and looking out for her even after they had divorced). Once again though, it's a case of running interference. Of course you couldnt' run interference if people were not so amenable to the interference and could see through these paper thin fronts, but I digress. Anyway.....once again, it's that crazy, crazy, crazy liberal media giving the "elitist" "liberals" in Washington a free pass. cough cough bullshit. The Neo-cons get all bent out of shape when their judicial nominees don't get an "up-and-down vote" (as though Constitution entitles them to that) or if Richard Durbin or Amnesty International call them over their treatment of prisoners in Gitmo or if their policies are questioned, but here, when it's confirmed that Terry Schiavo was not responsive to stimuli (as of course reputable medical professionals and many libs had been saying for a long time), claims to the contrary are not attributed to the nuts who were making such claims when the LA Times reports the news. Shame.


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