Thursday, June 02, 2005

Life getting in the way of blogging

Sorry about this. Nearly finished my MA and it's keepin' me kinda occupied right now. Have been reading lots of the accounts of the acquittals of US soldiers over mistreatment of detainees and regular public citizens in Iraq. Don't wanna paint with too broad a brush-I read some accounts that seemed reasonable, but the large majority seemed only too happy to tersely report that the allegations of the accuser couldn't be proven or were deemed lacking in credibility. The accounts I speak of were all from the LA Times in late May. One featured the acquittal of a guy who shot an Iraqi motorist after this guy had been pulled over and dispossessed of some weapons. AFTER they'd taken the weapons, this soldier claimed that the man was moving menacingly toward him. OK, so he doesn't have any more weapons, you've determined that. So why must you shoot him 40 times, even after he's known to be dead? Oh yeah, and then desecrated him in death by putting a sign over him saying Iraqis-Best Friends, Worst Enemies. Fucker. This from a guy who joined the military in the wake of the tragedy of Sept. 11. Um, fucker, you're fighting in the wrong country against people who did NOTHING to you. Yes yes kids, and there's lots more where that come from. So don't go anywhere, we'll be right back with Georgie's Shop of Invasion Horrors right after this!!!


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