Saturday, July 02, 2005

It might be Karl

So, it may be Rove. Seems that Rove, in a March 2004 American Prospect article contests the allegation made byLawrence O'Donnell of The McLaughlin Group that Rove was the source who outed Valerie Plame, CIA agent and wife of administration critic and ambassador to Gabon, Joseph Wilson. In the Prospect article, Rove claims that he publicized Wilson's identity and that of his wife, CIA agent Valerie Plame, only six days after Novak's column. Rove supposedly named at least six administration officials also involved in the campaign to discredit Wilson after, according to Rove, Novak's column had been published. Rove also aimed to counter Wilson's alleged bias and hoped to bolster the administration's stance in the wake of Wilson's claims about the administration's use of forged documents. However, Newsweek writes that Rove's lawyer states that "Rove spoke to Cooper several days before Novak's column came out." So now it seems there will be a stand-off of some sort whereby it may be difficult to ascertain whether Rove was indeed Cooper's source or not. Perhaps some other testimony may clear things up, but then again, perhaps the face-off will persist for sometime with liberal claims of lying on the one hand and conservative claims of playing politics on the other.

So for now, that's it on Rove. Nevertheless, Rove is still, as Digby writes a fucking thug. Seems that Rove stated in an interview on "Scarborough Country" that the White House, while perhaps unable to get John Bolton confirmed via the Senate, was considering other means by which Bolton might gain his appointment. Geez. The man never quits. I think the President has spent his capital (as he's spent just about everything else. He has no foot left to stand on. He was barely/allegedly elected in 2004 and yet Rove persists in reading the country as though his man has a mandate to re-write American law. Not that this is much of a surprise, but all the same. To see a guy show his true colors again and agin, particularly of such a virulent color, only serves to re-enforce the impression of Rove as a bare-knuckles brawler. All the more reason to keep the heat on the Senators on the Senate Judiciary Committe. Once again, as big a story as the felonious fingering of a CIA operative's identity, and especially during wartime, is, no sign of it as a top story on Yahoo, at least as of right now. We can see that Yahoo! has its news priorities just right (yup, Venus won Wimbledon and there have been shark attacks).

And last and by no means least, some absolutely not-at-all-hitting-close-to-home-in-the-slightest-not-one-bit-at-all humor from Doonesbury.


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