Thursday, July 07, 2005

The wisdom of age.....

Paul Harvey. Geez. 86 years old. Some people obviously shouldn't have a radio show anymore. It's amazing what he's said. Not the first time Harvey has spoken out in ignorance. He called Islam encouraged killing 18 months ago. In Dec. '99, he said Islam was a "fraudulent religion". (Mentioned in the previous link).

But this sort of statement, it's as though he's held back, held back for years and years while he's dispensed his hokey "wisdom" which probably would fit right in with Larry King's take on the news, and finally he's just got all these pent-up feelings out. Like the FAIR website says, these sorts of statements would not be out of place in white supremacist literature. He's celebrating that Europeans gave Native Americans all manner of contagious diseases and that it was force that set up the white presence in America? Shame on him. And yet CBS, NBC, won't air a commercial which highlights a church that will allow gay people in the church. They claimed it was "too controversial". Right, like this whole war thing has just been pre-determined from the get-go. The corporations can't get enough of the war coverage and flag-waving. Typical. If you wish to ask why ABC Radio will carry Paul Harvey but, as the FAIR website says, Disney wouldn't allow a subsidiary, Miramax, to distribute "Fahrenheit 911", please contact the following folks:

1.,, 212-456-5100.
2. Paul Harvey, 312-899-4085
3. Disney Corp. 818-560-1000.


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