Monday, August 22, 2005

God Bless Keith Olbermann

As well as being the best Sportscenter anchor in history, along with Mr. Smug, Craig Kilborn, he answers Rush Limbaugh's bullshit. No wonder I don't really watch too much MSM TV. I try to make myself but it just ends up raising my blood pressure. At least Olbermann calls Limbaugh on the fact that his claims about Sheehan being a complete fraud are obvious BS. This is evidenced by the fact that what Limbaugh had originally touted by way of featuring it in an e-mail he sends out to his supporters has now been removed from his site. And with cunning worthy of Hitchcock, he's "proved" he didn't say such things (though I've already seen them posted at Media Matters and The Huffington Post Dope.

But here's perhaps the most abhorrent quote from Mr. Oxycontin:

“But the longer the Sheehan thing goes on and the longer she's treated as some sort of super-celebrity by the press and the more outrageous things she says, trust me on this, the more people are going to get fed up with it. She's going to become the next Natalee Holloway before it's all said and done.”

Yeah, people are going to become tired of a woman who wants some sort of explanation for the pointless death of her son from a Monkey who can barely ride a bicycle. And comparing her simple request for answers over this pointless war to the overkill coverage the MSM gives to missing blonde teenage girls (sounds a bit voyeuristic n'est-ce pas?). And if the billions of radio stations airing his junk wouldn't feature so much of the blather about Ms. Holloway (with all due respect to her loved ones and to her, but would focus on real news...well...then, we might have something. Then people might hear real news and might realize just how Oxycontin-ified he was and would decline to listen to his nonsense.

And one more thing. I'm not a fan of Saddam. And Bush has been a disaster. But I'm still not willing to choose Saddam. One has to believe that there's the possibility of democracy in Iraq, however far down the line Bush might have booted it now. With Saddam, I don't know that there was. Maybe, I dunno. It's just sad that Bush has actually even made this a question.


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