Thursday, September 08, 2005


Here from Operation Flashlight. What is there to say? The world is watching and this is not an impressive display. I'm not American (greencard holder) but I love this country. HOwever I hate this government. It's a disgrace to all civilized human beings. The way I feel about their disdain for their citizenry is the way I feel when a student turns in a paper to me in which the paper is not actually even changed from its original format as a webpage. It's one thing to plagiarize, it's another not to even try to disguise that you're plagiarizing. That's what this government is doing. It's waiting until the teacher is watching and then taking its textbook out of its bag and using it to answer all the questions on the final. Fuckers.

A couple of great cartoons from Ted Rall here and this one, from September 5 in case it doesn't come up.


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