Thursday, September 08, 2005

random ish

  • OK, here's an account of why Brownie (certainly laced with something) couldn't keep his job supervising horse judges. Seriously, you can't make this stuff up. Horse judges. How do I write something funny about that. (Really I don't want to-it's sad, ultimately). What a dumb fuck.

  • Oh yeah, great news, the water in N'awlins is about ten times more toxic than is recommended. Thanks again Horse Boy.

  • And, summoning up more outrage (I didn't think it possible), Lord Voldemort, ur, Monkey Boy has apparently been dandering around the lost city employing firefighters as props in his little leadership charades. And War and Piece informs us of German TV station ZDF noting that Bush's press photos were all staged. Not the greatest shock. No wonder Monkey Boy doesn't want the media in N'awlins.

  • Horrific account of life in the Superdome.

  • Fidel apparently understands the Golden Rule.
  • And finally, to leave you with an incredible story.


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