Tuesday, October 18, 2005

See what a fool I've been

In tribute to the upcoming Queen concert I will be attending, have to excerpt these words from a great Queen song. This goes out to all the pundits who cluelessly-or more worryingly-with malice aforethought, rubber-stamped Bushie's acts over the past several years. It really is incredibly funny to see all the wingnuts turning on each other, as though their diversity of thought was so great. They are incredibly small-minded which makes their implosion all the more enjoyable. See What a Fool I've Been then could apply to folks like George Will and William Kristol who recently blistered the Bush administration for their nomination of Rachel Dratch Harriet Myers to the Supreme Court. It really is quite funny to see all these wingnuts tearing themselves up. As Billmon said today it feels as though this is the run-up to a great disaster. One's not sure exactly what's going to go down in the next several days, but Larry Johnson has an tantalizing tidbit today. It's nearly better to keep the whole dishonest lot of 'em shitting 'emselves for a while; who knows, maybe they'll get so nervous they'll spill more beans, just as when a plane seems destined to go down, folks try and right their accounts and reveal things that they have to atone for. Then the plane recovers and..oops, cat's out of the bag...and you're screwed.


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