Saturday, October 29, 2005

We've only just begun....

With apologies to the Carpenters I really don't feel that happy about Irving Lewis "I'm Not Calling A Formerly Top White House Official Scooter" Libby being indicted. I mean, I guess I'm happy in that someone-Fitzgerald-is trying to restore a bit of honor in an office that has been a nest of fat cats, cronyism, arrogance, and indifference to any laws which the Cheney administration deems inconvenient to their policy aims. But happy? No. This is how government should be run. It's comparable to Chris Rock in Roll With The New chastising black men who boast about the fact that they haven't gone to jail. "You ain't supposed to go to jail you low expectation-havin' motherfucka", he erupts. Similarly, I'm not really happy about a return to ordered government. This is how it's supposed to be run. I'm glad that Fitzgerald is kickin' ass and takin' names, but that's about as

It doesn't say in the Constitution, "a certain amount of grievous corruption, from time to time, shall be accepted." And I'm not so idealistic to see that powerful men (coz unfortunately, that's what they usually are) won't abuse that power from time to time. But when you have a public as indifferent to government action as the American public is now, well, one sees what leaders will do. Obviously there are ethical weaknesses, and then there are huge, gaping chasms in integrity. One might (or might not) say this is the different between 42 and 43. And all that after the Repubs assured us that the grown-ups were in charge in the White House again. What was Clinton impeached for again? Lying about sex. Eddie Izzard has a great quote on this. He says on one of his stand-ups albums that we recognize that there is a difference in the seriousness of violent crimes, by virtue of the fact that there is manslaughter 1, manslaughter 2, murder 1, murder 2, etc. Well, there is also a difference in the seriousness of lies, and lying about sex, as Eddie puts it, is about lying 8. So yeah, Clinton did commit a crime, sure....but I was just reading part of Kenneth Starr's soft porn report on the crimes, via Hullaballoo. You can bet that Hilary Clinton mad atcha is about as bad a punishment as you could ever wish on your worst enemy. Surely we all remember this photograph, taken the day after Clinton admitted that indeed, he had tapped that famous, beret-totin' young intern:

And in this Cheney administration, what are the odds this doesn't stretch at least up to Cheney. All these guys are thick as thieves. They've been notoriously secretive throughout the Presidency which usually doesn't bode well for transparency and openness. Why wouldn't you tell, at least some, if you had nothing to hide? Cheney has stonewalled on releasing minutes of meetings about energy executives (to which no representatives of environmental interests were invited). Bush has ensured that the papers of a President can be kept secret for 12 years after the end of the former President's term, unless both the current, and that President, agree to those documents' release. Then of course there is the refusal by Scotty McLellan to comment on Plame while an investigation is ongoing-as if that would really hinder it. And Harriet Miers' just trying to punk the Senate judicial committee when they asked her for her approach to any work she might have done for Bush or for possible promises made in order to satisfy other groups.

Then of course there is the fact that Bush has not attended ONE memorial service of a serviceperson who's died in this illegal war and that he doesn't even like news organizations showing pictures of coffins draped in American flags returning home. (Though the fact that the networks accede to this says as much about them.....oh that wacky liberal media....than it does about Monkey Boy) So thank goodness for Patrick Fitzgerald. (Gee, what are his ethnic roots) The man seems fearless and competent. The fact that Irving Lewis Libby told the Grand Jury initially that he had learned of Plame's name from one source and then another time from another, does not bode well for him. And Karl Rove...well, we'll have to see about him. But hopefully people will realize that government needs to be accountable. They're just like little kids-they'll run around throwing food on the walls and eating crayons and tipping things over-if the real adults aren't watching.


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