Wednesday, November 09, 2005

don't know much about history, don't know much about....anything

Good to see the Repubs have their priorities straight as usual. They're not worried that there are clandestine prisons in Eastern Europe known as "black sites" because they reflect the color of Republican leaders hearts....well, not really, but because they're below the radar, virtually unacknowledged outside the highest ranks of CIA leadership, congressional leadership and Satan......nope, those Repubs just just don't want anyone knowing. Yup, that's your Republican leadership. Their black hearts are in just the right places, it's quite clear.

Oh yeah, something else that truly appalled me also, and of course, is not nearly so highly publicized a story as the corruption of Kofi Annan-which of course is itself somewhat overstated-many UN committees had signed off on the arrangement which facilitated the corruption, so Annan was by no means solely to blame-and let's compare just how much money has been spent on an illegal war as opposed to the corruption at the UN. It's no contest. But the untold story is how many corporations participated in the exploitation of the Iraqi people in response for some oil. This has been much less reported because many of these companies, as Josh Holland explains so well in the Alternet story, have supported both American political parties. Of course the Repubs are worse, as usual, but this was by no means a one-party pork-barrel party. If the two party political system didn't seem corrupt before, well, frankly, that's hard to believe really, but given this story, well it's all very well for the crazy wingnuts to whine and complain about Kofi Annan's corruption, but of course the malfeasance of so many large corporations goes completely unexamined. Go ahead, try and find much serious discussion about the corruption of these corporations and the hypocrisy of the wingnuts in conservative media. You'll need a very strong (non-existent) search engine. Pathetic.


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