Monday, November 07, 2005

Everything's just swell.

Well, now that The Man With the Most Irish Name In The World has completed his investigation, all the woes of governance have been eliminated, right? Right? So that detention camp (just call it a gulag) will prove to be an untrue allegation, Snarl will be cleared of any involvement in authorizing policies that led to the torture and illegal detainment of prisoners in Gitmo and elsewhere; presumably Rummy will stop saying things to the effect of hunger strikers are in effect, just


in rotation. Just dieting.....yeah....Bobby Sands et al. just couldn't stand any more freakin' potatoes, right? Same with all those other IRA prisoners in the Maze prison back in the '80s. You know those Irish folks have always had weight problems, going right back to the 1840s when they had to leave, in order to escape the wealth of potatoes......thanks for the perspective as usual, Mr. Democracy Is Messy; Mr. I Should Have Used That Quote As The Title of My Website. Yup, I see Fitzy put everything in order and now Repubs have vowed to commit to a more ethical, straight-forward approach to government from now on. Yup, I think I just saw a pig fly.....


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