Wednesday, November 02, 2005

oh Fristy I do dee-clay-uh

Aww, the Democrats are showin' some backbone (pity it takes so long in Iraq to prompt this, not to mention virtually all important Republicans in national politics charged with something, and Hurricane Katrina) and Bill Frist and Senate Repukes don't like it. Oh dear, they're sullying the revered Senate protocol. Oh Heaven forbid Billy Frist is not consulted over an investigation into the grounds for a freaking illegal war. Dear me, someone get the man some smellin' salts and a warm towel. I do believe he's goin' into a faint. Oh Scah-lett, I do declare, Heavens to Betsy, can we not just have ourselves a nice little war overseas without everyone gettin' into a tizzy? Dear me, someone loosen Fisty's tie, he's a touch on the warm side. We must be able to obscure honest investigation into the grounds for an illegal war whilst adhering to long-held gentlemen's rules of conduct on prop-ah be-hav-yuh. Let's not let global polarization and an increasingly dissatisfied populace (Worst. President. Ever.) hinder our manners at our formal dinn-ahs and cocktail pah-ties. Dear me Fisty, I do dee-clay-uh, such dreadful manners. And let's not get started on those Iraqis and their frustration at out attempt to make life better for them.


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