Thursday, January 19, 2006

Ah so....

That rock of the lib-rul media doesn't like a few bad words apparently. Isn't that what free speech is about? I was one of the 700 posts questioning why Deborah Howell would decide to write fiction in place of her expected reporting but and I read through many of those posts and having read about half of them, maybe two people said something like damn you or words to that effect. Commentary was hardly particularly heated. It's here if you want to have a look.

I dunno, perhaps someone wasn't holding their pinkies out while drinking cups of tea while they were posting. Or maybe someone hadn't brushed their hair that morning before they posted. Apparently the religious right doesn't only own Washington but also the WaPo. How about the world doesn't like your serving as the mouthpiece for the Bush administration for oh-so-long, promoting the war and any way which way the "administration" wanted to go and now we have an incipient Civil War, inadequately supported troops, the US increasingly riven by differences in opinion and by criticisms of one another; and yet the Post doesn't like a bit of bad language? Sheesh. Pathetic.

Oh yeah, and we new, original legal research from the Institute of Reconstituted Hogwash re-assuring us that yes, all that wire-tapping was quite alright!!! So no need to worry since well, despite these nit-picking libs and their "laws", the President is the "sole organ" of defense during war. And everything's gone so well so far, what do we have to worry about? I would have thought Repubs saying that would be blushing a bit...or maybe it bought back fond memories of their glorious destruction of The President Who Lied About A Blow Job.


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