Thursday, January 19, 2006

Coalition of the Killing

Well, more good news for the Coalition of the Killing (as opposed to Coerced Coalition), on KPFK and also reported via Juan Cole, the Coalition is shrinking further. Soon the junior partner in all this will be the Mongolia. So of course this probably means we're invading Iran tomorrow. Whoopee.

Even worse, I wish I could say more unpredictably but Tony Blair just re-affirms how completely Monkey Boy owns him, it turns out that Tony was more concerned about how he would spin his knowledge of rendition. It's clear that European leaders have known about rendition for some time as well. This is really a despicable thing to keep secret. Tracking people across borders, officially off the books, unknown to anyone, and while at least it's clear that the US has been doing such detestable things, the supposed adults in western Europe have apparently also turned away while it's been going on. I really don't have words to adequately describe my disgust at this. I haven't had much respect for Tony Blair for some time now-I should say I've thought he's a disgrace as a leader, for some time now-but this really takes the cake. Bush has the excuse of being dumber than a fencepost. Blair is just a white-washed sepulchre, as Christ described the Pharisees in Matthew.


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