Tuesday, January 03, 2006

the rule of law

Well it would appear that the creation of two Americas is well and truly under way. As I've read somewhere, not sure where, some have suggested that given the depth of Bush's corruption and the divisiveness of his reign leadership, not to mention that it hasn't even worked, we may need something like a Truth and Reconciliation Commission in the United States. I like going to Yahoo news stories and discussing the news with others. Did this yesterday and there was only one really rabid Preznit defender on there for about an hour and a half. Other than that there were a few people, myself included, overturning the Presidential-speak and his general crappiness. This is so different from a couple of years ago. The sheep seem to have been sheared and they're perhaps a little chilly, relieved of their comfortable (and comforting) coats. Bush still seems to have 40% support more or less but that support even feels fragile. And that's while gas prices have been a bit lower for a while, there haven't been too many terribly new incriminating revelations about Bush's CREEPiness. Just wait till it gets really cold in New England and the Midwest and upper Midwest shortly. Fuel prices will return, and then some, to previous high levels. Not only that but with the Abramoff revelations, we'll no doubt have a Preznit who will be tarred by the same brush and of course it seems Tom DeLay's judge is not playing in the T-ball league either but is throwing some major league heat. Oh yeah, and then there's the possibility that Karl Rove and who knows (please please please please) Dick Cheney might be left holding the bag re: Plamegate. Just watch the FAUX-news contortionists try and spin this stuff. They may need actual circus performers to come in and offer commentary, so tortured will be the explanations. Oh yeah, and that whole Iraq venture is going swimmingly too. Bush might not have liked 2005 but I think sometime this year he might be wishing it was 2005.


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