Monday, January 23, 2006

State of the Union? Standing 8 Count

A bunch of stories I gotta get feature coz they're so sickening and, well, you gotta say somethin':

  • Shocking, just shocking that perhaps there's a cover-up to protect higher-ups re: Abu Ghraib. All this abuse doesn't just happen by accident and certainly not in such a controlled environment as the military where there are regulations and rules regarding everything. The longer Rummy stonewalls, the worse it'll be.

  • A soldier succumbs to the demons of his experiences in Iraq.

  • Ford to lay off about a quarter of its work force by 2012, in spite of $3.5 billion profits in 2005.

  • Oil companies, despite increased revenue sources, pay less in royalties for the gas finds they have made. And they wonder why people were so determined to find out what Richard B. Cheney was talking about in his energy policy meetings with oil execs.

  • And yet more on that oh-so-wacky lib-rul media; Chris Matthews suggests that Osama Bin Laden sounds like an "over the top Michael Moore" and Mr. 12 Year-Old Bow-Tied Dope (Tucker Carlson) suggests that Bin Laden is getting his talking points from the NY Times editorial page. Ah, that would be the same one that backed the build-up to war in Iraq and has backed Bush throughout many of his disastrous endeavors? Yesssssss.

  • OK, well, here are a few laughs.

So it sounds like overworked soldiers are good in Bushworld, the economy is great, and Osama Bin Laden needs the help of the NY Times to fuel his anti-American feelings. Riiiiiight.


At 9:44 PM, Blogger elendil said...

It amazes me that Americans are still having this discussion. Does a list of torture and prisoner abuse incidents this long happen by accident? Those who Support the Troops need to understand one thing-- the brass will throw those troops to the dogs if it means saving their own arses.

At 9:02 PM, Blogger t said...

Yes, I agree. Problem is, the "lib-rul media" is not so liberal. Too many Americans are thoroughly programmed unfortunately....they've heard conservative "analysts" for too long and just don't think.....


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