Tuesday, January 17, 2006

That wacky wacky lib-rul media

A couple of points getting to the heart of just how traitorous, traitorous that wacky, wacky lib-rul media is toward this country and how independent they are.

  1. The WaPo started a blog called the Maryland Moment in which they "solicited" comment from their readers on matters related to Maryland just over the weekend. Anyway, Deborah Howell, the WaPo's ombudsman, (yup, she represents ye olde common man (and woman)), in a column over the weekend, repeats the GOP talking point that the corrupt lobbyist Jack Abramoff contributed substantially to both parties. This man gave not a dirty dime to Democrats. Yet that kooky ol' liberal media just can't stop trying to link Abramoff to Democrats. So anyway, the WaPo blog that I mentioned was inundated with comments questioning why Deborah Howell was making the GOP's (dishonest) arguments for them. Well, over 700 comments criticizing Howell's transcription of Karl Rove's thoughts disappeared from the blog. They have now been restored and, just in case the dog eats the WaPo's homework again, they're over here. Yes, we sure do need some conservative voices over at that wacky WaPo to counter the crazy, kooky, lib-rul media.

  2. And then here's a great cartoon from This Modern World capturing just how accommodating the media coverage of Bush is and how Big Media has been cowed into Kissing the Ring. Fortunately, This Modern World does satire about as well as anyone and one can see the preposterous premise that what underlines the deference which Bush would like paid to supposed national security interests is bullshit.


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