Tuesday, January 17, 2006

what a surpriiiiiiise

Wow, so FBI agents were being yanked around and sent up dead-ends in pursuit of seemingly pointless leads. What a shock. Never would have guessed that an illegal wire-tapping program by a Preznit who seems hell-bent on re-establishing a monarchy in America would have have the effect of creating so many pointless and unwarranted trails that the Feds have to hunt down. Geez, I'm just SHOCKED. Wow. This is as shocking as when one of my friends came out of the closet and this person tried to soften the blow, saying that this person hoped that I was cool with it. And I kind of told this person it's about as shocking as finding out verifiable proof that Michael Jackson is a bit off-kilter. That is to say, about as shocking as finding out that Raisin Bran has two cups of raisins in it. How about that? It really just seemed like one.

But I'll be darned. Anyway. And the lying never ceases. Pool boy Attorney General "they're not soldiers, they're enemy combatants" (as opposed to friendly combatants) Gonzalez goes on CNN and tells Larry "These Suspenders Give Me Street-Cred Like Whoa" King that President Clinton also engaged in illegal wiretaps. First of all, this is the famous, "if you can do it, so can I, regardless of its legality" defense (a.k.a The 7th Grade Defense of Undeniable Wrongdoing). And secondly, it's not true. As Think Progress points out FISA did not prohibit warrantless physical searches prior to 1995, when the physical searches took places. And Think Progress further notes that Assistant Attorney General Jamie Gorelick testified in 1994 that warrantless physical searches were allowed, absent Congressional action expressly outlawing such searches. However, after that statute was altered the next year, such physical searches were outlawed there is no evidence to suggest that President Clinton did violate that statute. So Gonzalez is on there flat-out lying about the actions of a President (who hasn't been President for five.long.years).

And Gonzalez is the Attorney General, the top lawyer in the US. It's like Chris Rock says about the inability of parents to encourage their children to live drug-free if they want to become mayor of Washington D.C. (a la Marion Barry): "Don't do drugs, you won't be nothin'." "I could be mayor." Ah, high standards, maybe anyone can be anything in America today (provided you're white, have a relative whose last name is Bush, know someone, refuse to ever suggest that anything that George W. Bush does is wrong, and also have more skeletons in your closet than Courtney Love). Apart from that, go out there and be somebody!!!!


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