Monday, January 16, 2006

Why Are Dems so Accommodationist?

It's sorta like the Blair relationship to Monkey Boy. I don't understand why Blair has gone along with the President's vision for the world and the maintenance of existing power structures in the world. Tony Blair does not seem like a stupid man unlike Bush and so I can only conclude that he has made a deal with the Devil (or business/media forces-same difference) in order to continue to be a force in the world. But two problems with that. #1-Britain was last a superpower-level force about oh, 100, maybe 90 years ago. Britain's still one of the top 10-15 most powerful and wealthy countries in the nation but as to really believing that it is sustaining some sort of significant power in the world, that's just illusory. We might as well all go back to wearing Top Hats and wondering how that amazing Titanic went down Britain is so far-removed from being such a significant world player. And secondly, Blair has hitched his wagon to the wrong train. It should have been clear that Bush was taking his country down a path toward interminable conflict in Iraq and increasingly dishonorable defenses for that war as it becomes more and more obvious to more and more of the American population what a bad idea the war was. And it's not as though the British population agreed with Blair. They might not have been as anti-war as the French or German populations, but they were still significantly opposed to it. Blair's loyalty to such an unethical, ill-fated train of thought only, to me indicates, well, maybe Blair is angling for a job at the American Enterprise Institute after he's ousted as PM.

And similarly, why is there not more outrage from Dems regarding Bush? I mention this today particularly because of a speech (text here)by Al Gore in which he points out the illegality of the Bush administration's actions. I think this speech might be important in at least attracting the attention of the opinion-makers at places like the Washington Post or the NY Times. It's amazing how conservatives attack these papers as the liberal media when you have the WaPo Public Editor making the talking points of the GOP for them.

And then of course there's the offense taken by Washington Post editors when a reader, in an online chat, had the temerity to ask about impeachment. Are words really that scary? And yet, and yet, in spite of the fact that most Americans are in favor of impeachment for the illegal use of wiretaps, that Americans don't approve of the corruption now in stark profile in the Abramoff scandal, not to mention Iraq and the bungling of the destruction of an American city (N'awlins), Dems are still oh-so-timid. Really mystifying. I swear, if they were a basketball team, everyone would want to play them and they'd probably still agree to play people, claiming that they weren't fearful and that they were legitimate opponents while their play and their apathy betrayed their true beliefs.


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