Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Republican hypocrisy knows no bounds

It's just amazing that mourners for Coretta Scott King, black mourners no less, applauded true statements by Rev. Joseph Lowery, one of the leading activists for civil rights during the '50s and a confidant of Martin. How dare he note that, um, well, yeah, there were no WMD and that the war in I-raq is going less than swimmingly. The nerve of the man. Yeesh. And imagine the fact that people, many of them black, applauded this. Wow...shocking, just shocking. Coz Coretta Scott King was such a proponent of violence. Yeesh. Really, do the Republican talking heads (isn't that any Republican?) have any intellectual integrity? You mean to say that given the fact that 98% of black folks don't like Bush, that, um, what Rev. Lowery said is true, that peace is something that should be strived for, and that Mrs. King, like her husband, stood boldly for non-violence and what those wacky old Founding Fathers wanted, you know, that, all men are created equal...and the ol' 14th Amendment, that whole equality under the law thing. Really, why should the President be protected from words? Sticks and stones right? Oh....your embarassment signals that you recognize that we're getting fugged in the war and yet you have shown no indication of withdrawing from Iraq or adopting a more sensible approach? Ah...funny what happens when you don't get to pick your audience, eh Monkey Boy? Honestly, for once he gets a dose of reality and he doesn't wike it, does he poow Mr. Pwesidenty Wesidenty?. You can pretend that things are hunky-dory all you want, but it doesn't make them so. Perhaps the reaction might persuade him to join the Reality-Based Community....probably not though. He'll probably charge Rove with making sure even the guard dogs at his events are die-hard Republicans.


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