Thursday, February 16, 2006

What a


Listen to this, found via Daily Kos.

Helen Thomas, White House correspondent since 1961 and an octogenarian takes that silly Hugh Hewitt over her knee and spanks him repeatedly. Why is this guy so obsessed with her political beliefs if he believes (as he claims during the interview) that she is an unbiased and fair reporter?

It's a rhetorical question. He obviously doesn't think she's unbiased, just as he believes that David Gregory, Elizabeth Bumiller, Jim Vander Hei, etc (members of the White House press corps) are all card-carrying flaming pinko commie leftie liberal America-hating, ACLU-buyin', granola-eatin', organic food lovin', Audi-drivin', cappuccino-drinkin' (enough stereotypes?) libs.

It was wonderful that Helen Thomas turned the tables on him and asked him when he had decided to cross over (as Helen puts it) whatever it is he does. Doesn't he realize (again, rhetorical Q) that when he proclaims his fierce conservative beliefs that he undermines his claims to journalistic objectivity?

I hope I'm as sensible and principled as Helen Thomas when/if I get halfway through my ninth decade. The Dems, if they had half the rocks Helen Thomas has, could forge a new political movement in this country if they would cite their commitment to democracy and (Metallica reference follows) ...justice for all. The American people's political attitudes have been shown multiple times to be more in synch with Democratic attitudes and beliefs but yet too many Joe Bidens, Joe Liebermans and Hilary Clinton pointlessly fear being labelled (oooooh, you naughty pol) liberal. (Shhhh, don't say it too loud, Tim Russert might hear it) They're concerned that being labelled liberal might be political suicide but in case they haven't noticed, this admininistration isn't doing too well right now. They'd do well to separate from it....but...well, they don't. If they realized that Democrats at the moment (and well, overall) are the party which really stands for the interests of the American people. I believe there are decent conservatives. Indeed, true conservative principles-which Georgie doesn't hold-such as fiscal responsibility, respect for personal liberties among others-are admirable. And as conservatives splinter from the President, particularly over his commitment to illegally wiretap, one realizes that for all, there is a limit to what they can support.

Be that as it may though, the way the Republican party has gone recently, there are not any decent Repubs right now, at least in the ruling party. Well, I shouldn't quite say that. There's maybe Olympia Snowe, there's one decent Republican of some national prominence. Maybe. WWLS? (What Would Lincoln Say?)

Seriously though, if the Dems woould just take a lesson from a straight-shooting 85 year-old, they might realize more electoral success and the country could regain some respect internationally. Uh huh, and Chick Deney reported the shooting of Whittington because he believed the American people have a right to knowledge of what their elected figures are doing.


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