Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Who are these people?

OK fine, it's good that only 39% think Monkey Boy is doing a good job....but really...who are these 39%? Do they know that the Earth circles the Sun and that we are post-Copernicus? Do they think that shooting this poor 78 year-old man int he face was good for Cheney's career? Do they believe that 24 is actually filmed in the space of 24 hours ? Really? Do they think that that OJ was innocent and that Rummy really had no say in the policy that allowed for Abu Ghraib and other mistreatment of detainees? Maybe their kids don't have anything in their stockings because these adults still believe in Santa Claus and wonder where other kids get shit that's in their stockings. I mean really. Cheney shoots a guy in the face-Letterman says he "gunned some guys down", lol and Cheney doesn't address the issue until nearly four days later? He shot a guy in the face. People can say there is no similarity between the Nazis and the Bush regime all they want but if you continually ignore bigger and bigger issues, each time using the same defense-no, don't be ridiculous, it gives the regime carte blanche to commit worse and worse atrocities. If you deny something's gravity enough, at some point it becomes legitimate. If you've denied the seriousness of Bush's crimes so far, you're probably not gonna change now because you're so out of touch with reality. And people say, well, they should report the good news out of Iraq. OK, fine, schools are open, there are jobs, people have cable TV, they have computers. Fine, but if they can't leave the house without fear of a Cheney-ish peppering-well, much more serious actually, things are not alright. If anyone questions that, just read Informed Comment every day and see how many attacks occur every day and ask yourself, if this all happened in Texas within the same time frame, would Texas be safe? (I know there's a joke in there about guns and safety in Texas but I'm not going there) Any attempt to re-habilitate the administration only indicates a person in serious denial and someone who is far from intellectually honest.


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