Monday, May 22, 2006

Voldemort & Darthvader proclaim Bush "too evil"

Well well well, it turns out even Voldemort and Darth Vader are distancing themselves from the Bush administration. They have signaled that enough is enough and are now aligning themselves with Oprah, Martha Stewart, and the Quakers in Bringing Goodness Into the World ® and so they’ve finally realized that Bush is Bad™.

So the NSA has been listening in on Americans with the assistance of those phone companies who Value Your Business and We Will Get to Your Call Immediately. Unbelie-well, really it’s not unbelievable to me. Nothing these thugs do is unbelievable. And now Bush wants to put troops on the Mexican border. Yeah, it’s not like they’re needed anywhere else or anything.

And the White House is interested in who some ABC reporters (irony alert ahead) have been calling in order to identify some confidential sources. Well shoot, while you're listening in, why not just ask them?

Hmm, what else? Oh yeah, a greater percentage of women enjoyed Dumb and Dumber than people support the Bush administration. Well, I guess Bush has been honest about one thing. He doesn’t govern by the polls. He’s still acting like he’s being tried on various impeachment counts re: Monica-gate (yup, Bubba’s polls went up as his impeachment trial went on (indicating people believing that Bubba was being given the shaft by Repubs' whose vindictiveness was approaching Eminem vs. Everyone levels)). Sad sad times in a country with such great potential.


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