Saturday, January 06, 2007

W Respects the Constitution...ha ha ha; Exxon is Honest...ha ha ha

Yeah, so this has gotten plenty of play by now. Story broke probably Wed. or Thurs. but what can I say, I'm homeless at the moment. But yeah, Bush has employed one of his signing statements to claim the right to look at people's mail in "exigent circumstances". To what end? All of his policies have not reined in terrorism at all. All the numbers show that things are getting worse in Iraq and not better. So he can't claim that we're trying to protect people from terrorism. All your "protection" so far has only gotten people killed and de-stabilized the Middle East. I'm wondering if there are any grounds on which a lawsuit can be made over the appropriateness of signing statements-are they being used appropriately? Apparently, at least according to Wikipedia, they are. Is the purpose of the signing statement being ignored or abused by Bush's use of them? Sheesh. They represent a serious blot on the notion that the powers are separate and they, deny the legislative and judicial branches some of their powers to check and balance. Unconscionable.

Oh yeah, one more thing, it turns out Exxon has spent $18 million over the past 8 years funding organizations which misrepresent the threat of global warming. Lovely. They've done this by funding organizations which will basically do their dirty work for them. They know they are mistrusted and reviled so they pass of their dirty work to someone else. Fantastic.


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