Saturday, February 03, 2007

to unload my head....

with apologies to Robert Zimmerman, there is so much stuff going on that I've been meaning to blog about, or at least express some regret about. Herewith:

  • Would Jesus really lie about what the police were allowed, or not, to do? I think we know the answer to that.

  • R.I.P. Molly Ivins. She has encouraged and enlightened me since I became politically conscious maybe 15 years ago. Anyway, there are multiple tributes to her, as is fitting. Here's the Rude Pundit who I have a soft spot for; he's obviously as torn up as I am about her death. Here's Maya Angelou in a graceful tribute; Here's her magazine, The Texas Observer with its tribute to her. Here's The Nation's tribute to Molly as well as a podcast featuring John Nichols of The Nation commemmorating her. Here is Firedoglake (an excellent liberal blog (also they're second-to-none for coverage of the Libby trial) with a tribute and clips of her columns. And Arianna Huffington, a woman similar to Molly in lots of good ways.

  • Yeah, obviously since we're there, we have to keep order, but here's The Bull In The China Shop, yet again.

  • The President wants more money. $250 billion. Just to put that in perspective, the annual education budget is $70 billion. Think about how much more wisely this money (the war money, not the could be spent.

  • Plus ca change.... I wanted to write a post like this. The man has culled all the contradictory and misleading reports about the threat of Iran. The networks are drinking the regime administration's hype on Iran, just as they did on Iraq. You know someone is making so much money off these wars because people are not this stupid for no reason.

  • And dunno if you guys saw the marketing campaign which The Cartoon Network undertook for a TV show. Y'all probably know the story, but anyway, they arrested a couple guys who were responsible for the marketing campaign. Some people got really bent out of shape. The press conference of the "marketing gurus" was really funny:

  • And enough badness and negativity, here's Jon Stewart on Dick Cheney's false indignation over Wolf Blitzer just mentioning his daughter. Here's The Daily Show on the State of the Union:

    And then here The Daily Show on Dick Cheney's and W's refusal to consider withdrawing, you know, coz we have to avenge every death.

  • I'm glad they're finally doing this. I blogged about this some time ago. The President won't veto, he just claims false authority to ignore parts of laws he doesn't like. What a wonderful example to kids ("Mom, no, I'll do the dishes every week except for the second week of the month".)

  • Nice to see we're aiding the Iraqi cops so ably.


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