Sunday, September 30, 2007

god protected us from the peaceful protesters

Saw this atrocious news conference from the DA for Lousiana's 28th Judicial District, home to Jena, site of the now infamous incident which has caused the Jena 6 affair. This man, Reed Walters, is quite a piece of work. He told the Jena 6 that he could make their lives miserable. Nothing was done when those black children were on the receiving end of white intimidation via nooses hung in a tree after they had been told that no, black kids could not rest under that tree. Then, after nothing was done to the white kids, the black kids were charged with murder owing to a fight in which they'd used (I swear I'm not making this up) their shoes. And yes, in spite of the fact that this student was allegedly the target of an attempted murder, he, uh went to a party that night. So yeah, you know that attempted murder, with, uh, shoes, must have been harsh. Must have had nearly a shoe mark on their behinds. Honestly........

And then, after Walters decides that Mychal Bell, one of the six who had been charged as an adult will only be charged as a child, he has the nerve to hold the above press conference. Yes, how did that guy and all those around him survive such possible savagery from all those big scary black people. Yes, it must have been the big man upstairs, the big JC, etc. Yeah, had nothing to do with black people simply being, you know, exactly the same as white people in that they just want what everyone wants and that they will endure hardships and tolerate bad conditions and the ignorance and harsh words of people who just don't understand. So yes, Reed Walters, yeah, it's not that, you know, black people and sympathetic people of other races can, you know, behave themselves in the pursuit of a higher goal. It's that the big JC protected you from those typically savage black people. Yeah, that's it.

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