Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The hits keep coming

For a guy who's this headstrong, the signs, well, hell, who cares about the signs. Still, I think Barney must have made his public stance on Iraq clear recently. Now, it turns out his daughter Jenna parts with her father on family planning. His family planning: only do it when you want a child; hers-be smart, be educated. Imagine that. Well, she may have learnt it at home because apparently her mother thinks similarly. Well, Bush's stubbornness was about Iraq but we can see a dry drunk who views every policy through the lens of ideology doesn't see things rationally. How can you, when you put party over policy, or over country?

And then, this from Nancy Pelosi. See, we've come to know George W. Bush is a tool, a douche, a fucktard, a hoser, a dope, etc. But one would expect more from the (alleged) opposition party. But not only is Pelosi adamant at the end of the video that impeachment has always and will always be off the table regarding Bush, as long as she is speaker, but she claims fatuously that this is the Republicans' war and that she could not have facilitated an end to the funding for the war-as if she and her majority whips had no resources or mettle by which to end the war. She has plenty of pull as the Speaker of the House and she could have used it. She obviously doesn't care. And for her to get all pissy with Wolf Blitzer is truly the height of pique. I think her botox nearly exploded there. This is really the worst kind of CYAism (Cover Your Ass) and it's a shoddy job at that. For her to attempt to attribute this war to the Repubs is completely untenable. Dems have too often sold their souls and I sure hope Cindy Sheehan can beat Pelosi. Pelosi is doing the worst sort of covering, and for an almost unbelievably immoral administration. It's not just their war. And the more you, Nancy Pelosi, claim it is, the less it is.

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