Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm not a Truther....

I'm not I'm not I'm not. I don't think the government is competent enough to perpetrate such a massive cover-up and some of the claims about even more widespread conspiracies are completely incoherent, and consequently, for my money, not credible.

That said, I know when someone's me. If the US had nothing to hide about 9/11, why did Bush and Cheney first resist a 9/11 Commission so passionately, why did they then nominate a man linked with some of the most egregious examples of secretive governance Henry Kissinger to head the Commission, and finally, if Bush and Cheney had nothing to hide, why would they initially refuse to testify and only agree when they were allowed to testify together? Given what we know about Bush and Cheneys' disinclination to adhere to laws they didn't want to respect, do you not think they would shout from the rooftops if they were truly innocent of some charges?

Anyway, with that proviso, lemme say, I was listening to "Background Briefing" this past week and heard a discussion with former CIA agent John Kiriakou. He says (about 50 minutes in) that when the CIA re-claimed some documents from the Taliban embassy in Peshawar, they found a file folder of phone calls, in English, of 163 calls made from the embassy to a large number of destinations in the United States until September 10, 2001. These calls resume September 16, 2001.

This seems extremely problematic. If there are multiple calls being made to the US which include a gap coinciding just before September 11 and ending just after, suspicions are raised. At a bare minimum, it would seem we should investigate whether there is a material connection between the phone numbers where those phone calls went and folks suspected of terrorism. If there is no fire where the smoke is, fair enough. On the other hand, if the recipients of the phone calls were suspected terrorists or were under investigation for something, such investigation should continue.

Again, some of things I've heard from Truthers are not substantially supported by documentation, or are speculative. But that does not mean that we have been told the whole story. There's a lot of daylight between some conspiracy theories and claims that Bush and Cheney did nothing wrong with regard to September 11. Given Bush and Cheney's furious protestations of their innocence, do you not think that if they truly were innocent, that they would proclaim that from the rooftops? I don't. Again, I'm not a Truther but I know we haven't been told the whole story either.

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At 11:09 AM, Blogger Luisa said...

I think there are a lot of looney people who are "truthers"... and by looney I don't mean that they are wrong. I mean that some of them live in a constant state of anxiety and paranoia, thus rendering their stance less credible. There have been so many instances of the rug getting pulled out from under our feet that some start to think every single bad thing that happens is a direct result of the NWO interventions and lies. But I agree that sometimes bad things just happen. I do think there is a shadow government who is truly in charge of what happens and what agendas get set. And I do think that the 9/11 story provided by the government is a sham given their own involvement in it. I believe that's the definition of a truther--someone who thinks our own gov't was implicated in the events of that day. But, honestly, I don't worry too much about it--I think we just need to be aware, be alert, and try to do what is right. Obviously, the government has a lot to hide, otherwise, as you pointed out, there would have been a proper investigation. These unscrupulous people will have to answer to a Higher Authority when they are judged.


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