Thursday, May 13, 2010


People need to back off LeBron. Yeah, his TEAM lost to the Celtics' TEAM. LeBron's numbers were typically fantastic. What else is the man supposed to do? It ain't his fault. If they haven't got the supporting cast this year, well, perhaps they need a bit more patience with the squad they have. I don't think that blowing up the team is the answer. But certainly, blaming LeBron is WAY out of line. Is there a better player in the league outside of #24 for the Los Angeles Lakers? I don't think anyone would claim there is. So leave LeBron alone. You wanna clown Jamison, Mo Williams, Delonte West? Fine. Clown Shaq, Anthony Parker, Big Z, JJ Hickson, but what else can LeBron do, short of physically putting Quicken Loans Arena on his back? Also, just because you lose to a team, doesn't mean your team is crap.

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