Saturday, November 21, 2015

Never mind the facts, here's the Republicans

So Republicans, as well as more than a few Democrats, have taken their fear-mongering to another level after the Paris attacks. Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan claims that because of the terrible situation in Paris he wouldn't accept applications by Syrians for asylum in Michigan.

Gov. Richard Bentley of Alabama also claimed he wouldn't accept refugees because of safety concerns.

Pat McCrory of North Carolina the same.

Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas the same.

And so it goes for 26 of these bigoted Republican governors. Their supposed concern is that a Syrian passport was found near the body of one of the suicide bombers. Never mind that there's a massive market for fake Syrian passports or that it's been determined that the passport was stolen or a fake. These Republican crybabies have seized on the passport found near one of suicide bomber's bodies to ratchet up the anti-Islamic hysteria.

Never mind that many smaller countries have accepted more asylum applications than the US.

Never mind that have killed more people in the US than Muslim terrorists have.

Never mind that policemen cited domestic terror as a much greater threat than the threat of extreme Islamic terrorists.

Never mind that refugees wishing to come to the US must be vetted first by the UN before also being vetted by the US, a process that takes 18-24 months.

No, never mind all that.

These Republican fuckwits have seen fit to try to outhate one another in pandering to the only sort of people too stupid to vote for anyone else.

The good thing, of course, is that Republican governors in states cited above can't prevent the settlement of Syrian refugees. The bad thing is all the publicity that their effort has garnered and the racial animus that they have stirred up. Because the waters have been muddied, the hatred will continue to fester and boil. Those waters will remain dark and murky and will ensure that regardless of the legality of the issue, President Obama and Democrats and Republicans of good faith will be pilloried for daring to stand up to the hatred and ignorance of Republican hate.

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