Sunday, November 01, 2015

When coaches attack

So I happened to see Brian Kelly of Notre Dame losing his shit toward one of his assistant coaches who was complaining about a call. Kelly's explanation for his physical attack (I don't know what else to call it) on assistant strength and conditioning coach David Grimes was that Grimes was going to get the team a 15 yard penalty and Kelly wasn't having that. This claim doesn't hold water because another coach was already intervening between Grimes and the official. While that coach is intervening, Kelly runs in, grabs Grimes by his jacket and then bunches up the jacket under Grimes' chin, and pushes it up, like he's about to hit him. It's a really ugly scene. If the US wasn't so authoritarian, this wouldn't be tolerated, but sadly, that is America today. College football head coaches are lionized and their knowledge of football gives them high status in the United States. I doubt there will be legal ramifications for Kelly but in a perfect world, there would be. Truly disgusting.



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