Tuesday, September 06, 2005

race and the net-(don't) works

Why isn't primetime covering the fall-out from Katrina? There will surely be many more casualties of Katrina than there were from September 11. But no, of course it's not about race. Nooooo. I don't understand (well, I do understand it but it's very irritating) it. Why there are still people in jeopardy, in the breach, at this point, one week after the 17th St. levee broke? What a disgrace. And yet all we get-even during the summer when the net-(do not)works don't even broadcast new programming-are re-runs. Kanye West certainly has some fans, I'll tell you that. Anyway...it's a disgrace (of course) that the net-(do not)works are not broadcasting coverage when the most people are watching TV here in the States. Anyway, must give some love to Keith Olbermann who has shown he has a conscience and a brain; please see my past post in which he rips Bush for his lengty vacation, particularly when Americans have less and less of this luxury. And then there's this. You know things are bad when your cheerleaders Fox is hammering the response to Katrina. Of course, I saw Shepard Smith on Letterman last night and it sounded as though he'd had some time to compose himself and realized that he'd actually sounded sensible a couple days before. Consequently, he spent a lot of the time saying that on one really knew what had happened, that now as not the time to judge, that we needed to let it all come out in the wash (no pun intended). It sounded as if he knew that his boss Monkey Boy couldn't have been too happy with such critical coverage. Anyway, I'm not willing to really write them off yet. I mean, how do you spin rivers of shit and piss in the Superdome? How do you spin stench and corpses? How do you spin bloated bodies and bedraggled mothers? Not sure that even the fuckers over at Fox won't realize that Dear Leader is not wearing any clothes. erhaps that's being a bit optimistic; probably so. Still, can't hurt to hope.

Ted Koppel is certainly a pro. Methinks Brown is a little out of his depth, particularly tete-a-tete with Koppel. Also, in the couldn't-be-more-company-(wo)man-if-my-name-was-Dickhead-Cheney category, the award goes to Cokie Roberts. Also gotta give a shout-out to Jack Cafferty of CNN for reaming the failures of the rescue efforts. Here's another one. Crooks and Liars and One Good Move continue to have the story. And finally, Anderson Cooper's done some stalwart reporting, accepting no excuses from power. Here he is with Sen. Mary Landrieu who's done a poor job in looking out for the people of Louisiana in the aftermath of the hurricane. And then here he is with Trent Lott. (Yeah, we're sorry you lost your house Trent but you have another one.)

Oh yeah, and read this: Best.Post.Ever.


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