Friday, November 09, 2007

hypocrisy much?

Again, skating over the fact that this is fairly obvious, as pointed out by David Kuo in his book, Tempting Faith. Karl Rove and the kingmakers had no compunction about using the conservative right for political leverage and casting them aside when they became a hindrance. One of the most cynical things I've heard in politics (and that is saying something) was Karl Rove's statement, when attempting to secure religious right support for his patron/houseboy, was Rove's demand to an aide to "get me one of those f***ing faith-based things. Got it?" So it's clear that really these cynical kingmakers care nothing for the principles which the religious right cares for. They just like the sizable voting bloc which takes its voting cues from these grasping powermongers.

It's with the opportunism of the fascistic bloodsuckers of the upper ranks of the Republican party in mind that a story has come to note this week. Pat Robertson (yes, that Pat Robertson) has endorsed Rudy Giuliani (yes, that Rudy Giuliani) for President.

So, given the fact that Pat Robertson is opposed to abortion, the death penalty, and equal rights for LGBTs, one might think that he might have a bit of a problem with 9/11 (a.k.a Rudy). Again, so yeah, that tells you how closely Pat Robertson holds his religious beliefs. He's such a devout Christian that he will back a candidate for President who flouts basically all of them. So yeah.....

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