Sunday, February 21, 2010

manipulation of Tea-Partiers

Glenn Greenwald has an excellent post up about how the GOP is once again masking as big backers of limited government. During W's tenure, they didn't hesitate to advocate any measure which might increase the size of government via wars, intrusion into civil rights, limiting the free speech of those who spoke out against them, etc. Anyone who criticized Bush was told that we are at war so please be quiet and be a good American. Now of course, with W and Cheney among the least popular figures in American political history, the GOP is trying to re-position themselves as the party of more limited government, which they legitimately were through about 1970 and so now they're making nice with the Tea Partiers, attempting to co-opt their energy and anger against the Obama administration as though Bush & Co. were not much, much more intrusive. But this matters not to the GOP who knows their brand is in the toilet and so they attempt to co-opt the intellectually dishonest claims that Obama is grasping at totalitarianism. They're trying to re-write history in an attempt to salvage their political party.

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